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Your address is your smartphone

Receive your package exactly where you are.

No more stolen packages

A unique QR code as a unique proof of delivery.

Track your package’s journey

You can track all your packages and receive delivery status updates.

No more missed delivery notes

In case your phone wasn’t reachable three attempts you’ll be able to reschedule the delivery to a physical address and time or provide authorization to deliver the package to a neighbor.

1. Download the FollowMeDelivery App

In beta for iOS and Android.

2. Sign-up with your mobile device

Your mobile phone number becomes your delivery address.

3. Shop online

Purchase from your favorite stores and select the FollowMeDelivery service.

4. Share your position with the courier

On the delivery day use the FollowMeDelivery App to share your location with the courier.

5. Track your shipping

Track on the map where your package is, get delivery status notifications.

6. Wait for a suggested meeting point near you

The courier sees your position on the map and proposes a meeting point near you to deliver your package.

7. Meet the courier exactly where you are

Show the unique QRcode provided by the FollowMeDelivery App to ensure a secure delivery.

8. Receive your package

Enjoy it wherever you are.